PayTo use cases

PayTo provides a broad, scalable and secure solution for third party payment initiation for account-to-account payments.

Coming soon, PayTo is being developed by NPP Australia and the financial services industry.


PayTo supports a range of use cases.

Modern alternative to direct debit

PayTo can be used as a modern alternative to direct debit, solving many of the current challenges to deliver improved outcomes for businesses.

A digital payment solution

PayTo can be used for in-app and e-commerce transactions, providing an integrated, digital solution for merchants and businesses to initiate payments.

Improved business processes

PayTo can be used to enable more efficient business processes. With PayTo, businesses can streamline payments for outsourced functions like payroll and accounts payable.

Payment of elnvoices

PayTo can be used to support elnvoicing so businesses get paid faster. Payment times can be significantly reduced and the procure-to-pay process transformed.

Real-time payments with QR codes

With PayTo, businesses can develop better customer experiences by using QR codes to set up new PayTo agreements and to initiate real-time payments instore or online.