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Payment of eInvoices

PayTo can be used to support elnvoicing so businesses can get paid faster. Payment times can be significantly reduced and the procure-to-pay process transformed

Enhanced cashflow

PayTo can support eInvoicing so businesses get paid faster

PayTo supports straight through processing for businesses when paying eInvoices, with a seamless customer experience. Pre-authorised payments are processed in real-time with funds immediately available in the recipient’s bank account

Always on Payments processed 24/7 every day
Faster processing

Interoperable with PEPPOL

Interoperability with the PEPPOL framework is supported with invoice attributes mapped to the NPP payment message, allowing for faster processing and more efficient reconciliation

Interoperable with PEPPOL Efficient reconciliation
Reduced mistakes and fraud

Simpler addressing with PayID

Using a PayID instead of BSB and account number enables simpler addressing. The confirmation of payee step can help reduce mistaken payments and fraud

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Payee confirmation Reduce mistaken payments and fraud