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Access to PayTo

PayTo offers real-time, reliable payments to help businesses run a little bit smoother. To access PayTo, merchants and businesses need to be sponsored as a PayTo User

Please contact your bank, financial institution or payment service provider to find out more about access to PayTo

What can PayTo Users do?

check icon Create PayTo agreements for authorisation by payer customers.
request icon Send authorised payment initiation requests to the payer customer’s financial institution.
pause icon Perform certain maintenance functions for PayTo agreements including amending, pausing, resuming, and cancelling.
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PayTo will roll out gradually from mid-2022

How will it work?

1 icon Once available, sponsors will provide access to PayTo through proprietary channels or services such as APIs.
2 icon Through this one sponsorship agreement, PayTo Users will be able to initiate payments from all accounts that are enabled for PayTo on the NPP in Australia. The industry expects that most customers will have PayTo enabled on their accounts by mid-2023.
3 icon Sponsorship of a PayTo User is subject to a proprietary commercial arrangement with the sponsoring organisation. For more information on which organisations offer PayTo services, please contact
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PayTo supports a broad range of payment initiation use cases. Some examples of PayTo Users include:

creditor icon

Merchants and billers

Businesses and creditors offering PayTo as a payment option to customers Including online, in-person and in-app payments

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Payment service providers (PSPs)

PSPs providing merchants and businesses with payment services and wishing to include the PayTo service Including payment gateways and payment processors

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Outsourced service providers

Third parties and cloud accounting software providers managing outsourced processes Including payroll and accounts payable