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Real-time payments with QR codes

Businesses can use PayTo together with QR codes to transform the customer experience, online or instore

Improved customer experience

Using PayTo with QR codes can transform the customer experience

Businesses can develop better customer experiences by using QR codes to set up new PayTo agreements, and initiate real-time payments

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Pre-populate agreements Initiate real-time payments
One-step checkout

Integrate with loyalty apps instore or online

PayTo can be integrated with retailer loyalty apps and use a QR code for one-step checkout instore or online.

Integrate loyalty and payment Faster checkout
Easy bill payments

Pay bills in real-time directly from a bank account

For bill payments, a QR code can be presented by the biller to make it easy for customers to pay in real-time directly from their bank account.

Real-time bill payments Directly from a bank account
Data rich

Easy matching and reconciliation

Rich data including payee and payer references can be stored in a PayTo agreement to support easy matching and reconciliation

Rich data in a PayTo agreement Easy matching and reconciliation