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Improved business processes

PayTo is always on, so businesses can improve the efficiency of outsourced functions like payroll and accounts payable.

business processes
Efficient payments processing

Streamlined payments for payroll and accounts payable

Businesses can authorise third parties such as cloud accounting and payroll providers to initiate real-time payments on their behalf, directly from their bank account. Real-time notifications supported by APIs will help you know immediately if payments have been successful

Real time notifications Greater payment accuracy
Improve cashflow

Pay employees and suppliers in real-time

PayTo payments are made in real-time and are always available with no cut-off times. Improve cashflow management without the need to pre-fund payroll runs and accounts payable

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Always on with no cut off times Process payments 24/7/365
Single connection point

Initiate payments from all eligible accounts

PayTo users only need a single connection point to the New Payments Platform (NPP) to be able to initiate payments from all NPP enabled eligible accounts. This can be through any organisation that offers PayTo services

One access point Access to all NPP enabled accounts
Improved business processes