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A digital payment solution

PayTo can be used for in-app and e-commerce transactions, including one-off, ad-hoc or 'account on file' payments

digital payment
A new digital payment option

PayTo can be used for purchases that previously needed a card

With PayTo, consumers will have the ability to use their bank account as a payment method for online purchases, fund digital wallets and make buy now pay later payments

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Payments directly from a bank account In-app and ecommerce
Fast and secure payments

PayTo can be supported by APIs, with payments processed in real-time

With real-time funds availability check and notification of payment outcomes, have confidence that funds have been received before goods are sent or services provided

Payments processed in real-time Always on, 24/7/365
Easy matching and reconciliation

Data-rich PayTo agreements

PayTo agreements contain information and data that you won’t get with a card transaction, supporting easy matching and reconciliation

More data in a PayTo agreement Easy matching and reconciliation
A digital payment solution