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A modern alternative to direct debit

PayTo solves many of the current challenges with direct debit to deliver improved outcomes for businesses and consumers

direct debit
Increased confidence in receiving payments

Reduce exception processing

When a PayTo agreement is set up, the account is validated in real-time, so you can be sure that the account details are correct. You will also receive notification when an agreement is paused, changed or cancelled

Real-time account validation Receive notifications at each stage
Reduced fraud

Customer authorisation within internet or mobile banking

PayTo agreements are authorised in the customer’s internet or mobile banking app, so you can be confident that the customer’s authorisation has been verified

Secure customer authorisation Reduced unauthorised payments
Improved cashflow

Real-time payment processing

PayTo payments are processed in real-time, every day, 24/7, with confirmation of payment outcomes helping to improve business efficiencies and cashflow

Always on Payments processed 24/7
alternative direct debit video

PayTo solves many of the current challenges with direct debit

Direct debit today

Uncertainty of receiving payments with no upfront validation of customer’s account details

Slow payment processing

Limited data

Direct debit agreements must be self-stored for seven years

Account holder’s authorisation not verified

No visibility of customer cancellations or changes to bank account details

PayTo’s solution

Real-time account validation when setting up a PayTo agreement

Real-time payment processing and confirmation of payment outcomes

PayTo agreements contain more information and data

Centralised, secure, digital storage of PayTo agreements which are readily accessible

Confidence that the account holder has authorised the PayTo agreement

Notification when a PayTo agreement is paused, changed or cancelled

Improved outcomes

Increased confidence in receiving payments and reduced exception processing

Improved cashflow and processing efficiency

Better matching and easier reconciliation

Less administrative burden, reduced overheads

Reduced fraud and unauthorised payments

Reduced exception processing and improved customer relationship management

PayTo’s fast and secure payments keep money moving 24/7 with digital processes that can be supported by APIs