A new way to pre-authorise payments
from bank accounts

What is PayTo?

For business

PayTo payments keep business moving. It’s the smart way to do business with real-time, reliable payments that help business run that little bit smoother.

PayTo is a new, efficient way for payer customers to pre-authorise real-time payments from bank accounts.

  • PayTo removes the uncertainty of making and receiving payments from bank accounts with real-time account validation, fund verification, and notifications at various stages of payment
  • With PayTo you can see when a payment agreement is paused, changed, or cancelled
  • PayTo’s accuracy means you can avoid the inconvenience of managing dishonours and disputes

PayTo enables businesses to thrive in a digital economy with fast and secure payments that keep money moving 24/7.

For customers

Use your bank account to pay your way. PayTo gives you more control over payments from your bank account, to help make life admin that little bit easier.

Use PayTo for your phone bill, flights and music subscription.  

  • Have the ability to view and manage PayTo agreements in your internet or mobile banking
  • See payments you’ve set up from your bank account, all in
    one secure place
  • PayTo agreements are portable, so you can easily move
    them between accounts and banks
  • Choose to use your PayID or BSB and Account Number,
    making it easy to set up payments

PayTo is an easier way to make payments direct from your bank account.

PayTo is being developed by New Payments Platform Australia and the financial services industry and is planned to commence rolling-out from mid-2022.