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The future of regular payments is PayTo

PayTo® is a modern digital payment solution offering a fast, easy and secure way to pay. It gives consumers more visibility and control over their payments, and enables merchants and businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts.

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introducing payto

PayTo is a service offered by banks, financial institutions and payment service providers in Australia. It has been developed by New Payments Platform Australia in collaboration with the industry.

Payments that keep business moving

More for businesses
account validation

Remove the uncertainty of receiving payments from bank accounts with real-time account validation.


Notifications when a PayTo agreement is paused, changed or cancelled will help you maintain customer relationships.


PayTo agreements contain more information to support easy matching and reconciliation.

reduce disputes

Real-time account validation and funds availability check helps reduce errors and exception processing to ensure business can run that little bit smoother.

Contact your bank, financial institution or payment service provider to find out how your business can access PayTo.

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Use your bank account to pay your way

More for consumers

PayTo is an easy way to authorise and control payments from your bank account.


PayTo agreements must first be authorised in your internet or mobile banking app, by you, before any payments go out.

set up

View and manage your PayTo agreements in your internet or mobile banking app.


Use your PayID to easily set up a payment to a business or merchant. You can also use your BSB and account number.

PayTo is brand new. Your bank, building society or credit union will let you know once it is available on your account.

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Use cases